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Jimmy Palmiotti
Jonah Hex, Power Girl

Dan Panosian

Gary Panter

Dan Parent
Archie Comics

Rick Parker
Marvel's Beavis and Butthead

Jeff Parker
Agents of Atlas

Paul Pelletier
Outsiders, Exiles

Andrew Pepoy

Jamal Peppers
Sonic the Hedgehog

George Perez
Jeez, NAME it

M. K. Perker

Mike Perkins
Captain America

Don Perlin
late lamented Valiant Comics

Khoi Pham

Lincoln Pierce
Big Nate

Dan Piraro

Bill Plympton
I Married a Strange Person

Adam Pollina

Alberto Ponticelli
Unknown Soldier

Paul Pope
Wednesday Comics

Whilce Portacio

Francis Portela
Legion of Super Heroes

Eric Powell
The Goon

Joe Prado
Green Lantern

Andy Price
My Little Pony

Steve Purcell
Sam and Max

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