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Jim Calafiore

Dennis Calero
Legion of Super-Heroes

Frank Cammuso
Knights of the Lunch Table

Bob Camp
Ren & Stimpy

Zander Cannon
Chainsaw Vigilante, Replacement God

Kevin Cannon
Far Arden

Lilli Carre'
Tales of Woodsman Pete

Emily Carroll

Richard Case
Doom Patrol

Mike Cavallaro
Life and Times of Savior 28

Jacob Chabot
The Mighty Skullboy Army

Paul Chadwick

Tim Chamberlain
Our Valued Customers

Keith Champagne
World War III

Bernard Chang
Second Life of Dr. Mirage, Wonder Woman

Howard Chaykin
American Flagg!

Cliff Chiang
Doctor Thirteen

Frank Cho
Liberty Meadows

Yildray Cinar
Legion of Super-Heroes

Matthew Clark

Dan Clowes
Ghost World

Dave Cockrum
X-Men, Legion of Super-Heroes

Amanda Conner
Green Arrow Black Canary Wedding Special, Power Girl

Will Conrad

Katie Cook
Star Wars Artist

Darwyn Cooke
Spirit, New Frontier

Colleen Coover
X-Men: First Class

Danielle Corsetto
Girls With Slingshots

Jamie Cosley
Nobody Likes Tony Pony

Denys Cowan
The Question, Milestone Comics

Molly Crabapple

K. Michael Crawford
Batty Malgoony, Horton Hogwash

S.S. Crompton

Chris Cross
Valiant, Milestone

Howard Cruse
Barefootz, Stuck Rubber Baby

Paris Cullins
Blue Devil, Blue Beetle

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